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The Hilton Hotel in guangzhou area media campaign "chocolate" theme

Date: 2017-04-19

Wide tianhe Hilton Hotel, Hilton guangzhou baiyun wanda Hilton Hotel, foshan, guangzhou Hilton doubletree and guangzhou hui hua Hilton doubletree. Academic city on April 12, jointly held with "chocolate" as the theme of afternoon tea tasting media activities, aims to introduce the media to Hilton guangzhou area of each hotel in April this year quarter catering project "Hilton series food" chocolate, celebrate Easter, and show the charm of chocolate.


The history of chocolate can be traced back to 1900 BC.The aztecs thought cacao seeds (used to make chocolate) is the gift of god, the god of wisdom, seeds have great value and is used as a form of currency.Initially, chocolate is just a kind of drink, be compared with spices, wine or corn mud blend into a bitter bubble in liquid.Reportedly, the drink has strong ability, can give drinkers.

Today chocolate as a kind of widely enjoyed sweet, delicious and drinks, can be used in almost all forms of cooking.As part of the Easter celebration in April, chocolate is one of the world's best selling food, by tens of thousands of people to savor.

Chocolate theme activities include a series of elaborate chocolate foods, such as pepper, chocolate mousse, chocolate drink, hot chocolate, the small steamed bun, and many other food such as chocolate, can be in April in Hilton guangzhou area all enjoy.

Nearly 30 media took part in this wonderful chocolate feast.The hotel Hilton guangzhou area will be joint every three months to share special food promotions, to ignite the enthusiasm of the guangdong catering sector.Let us together look forward to the next more characteristic activities!