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More than 300 in companies take the lead into the mysterious "Maya island"

Date: 2016-01-01

Has been in the "quiet beyond" headquarters base is becoming more and more "alive".On October 16, headquarters again ushered in the golden autumn light Maya island hotel opening ceremony and the ceremony of the soft opening.A long list of gorgeous, including the ministry of foreign affairs, the Chinese people's political consultative conference, as well as the Beijing municipal government, fengtai district, the district government and so on, to the list, leadership, impressively, Maya island hotel built in important value and practical significance.Indeed, as an important supporting headquarters base and the port of financial, Maya island hotel in giving people a five-star standard hotel service at the same time, more to show people a mysterious and magnificent Maya civilization.Therefore, Maya island hotel is known as China's first museum type hotel.Maya island hotel exquisite show leave the care and support of people from all walks of life, more cannot leave the headquarters located enterprises vigorously help and support.Therefore, in order to express (China) holding group headquarters base and Maya island hotel management company sincere gratitude, as well as to the Maya island hotel soft opening celebration, headquarters base is hosting a three-day experience in business visit and activities.Headquarters base more than 300 business leaders and representatives in the newly built the Maya island hotel together feel the mystery of the Maya charm, taste the rich cultural innovation and transcendence spiritual headquarters.Headquarters base - success and development need to share and support.Solstice 19 October 21, just start the soft opening of China's first museum type high-grade hotel - Maya island hotel for a three-day special headquarters in the visiting experience activity of the enterprise.The activities were invited and attracted more than 300 headquarters located enterprises attending.The experience activity is divided into three parts: corporate leadership for or on behalf of the free to visit the museum, gallery and part of Maya island hotel features rooms;All the guests in the hotel food temple of buffet lunch at the same time, can communicate with each other or interact;Headquarters base (China) holding group chairman of the board, the Maya island hotel management company chairman xu ping will work with part of the corporate leaders draw for everyone.Winning enterprise representatives will have the opportunity to free the Maya island hotel unique executive deluxe suites or air villa for a day, and then experience the Maya island hotel carefully and good environment and service.Morning, business leaders or representatives will follow, after signature on signage, flip through the grace of the county, long museum, gallery, and in all parts of the hotel in feature space, and by the ingenious layout, attract's style design.Some business leaders or representatives during a visit to the hotel, the mysterious and magnificent Maya civilization to know and shall not, then ask the hotel staff.In enthusiasm and careful interpretation, if they achieve, thoughtful.Especially when they are visiting the museum galleries display in the hotel in the sun and the moon palace 198 sculptures, murals, but also full of praise, a nod.They think that so much work, carefully draw the embodiment of the mayan civilization, let them not only marvel at the brilliancy of the mayan civilization, even more amazed by xu ping, chairman and construction team and carefully by heart."Headquarters base must spend a lot of manpower and material resources, financial resources, to build such a very distinctive hotel", "here is like a museum, or even more than the ordinary museum has a realistic significance", "the hotel built will let headquarters base hundreds of enterprises to get more convenient and more affordable", "the Maya island hotel will be the business is thriving, bright prospects"...The blessings in shining evaluation, yet the Maya island hotel in many enterprise or on behalf of the leadership of the concern and expectation, the quiet and solemnly stood, and headquarters base corner quietly blooming in our unique charm.