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2020 announced Beijing municipal key project plan consists of 14 project

Date: 2020-03-06

In the current special period of epidemic prevention and control, 2020, the Beijing municipal key project plan officially announced, will faithfully play a good investment, steady growth, structural adjustment of hydrophobic function, livelihood, risk prevention, the key role of maintaining stability, by grasping the epidemic prevention and control, grasping the economic and social development, the struggle on two fronts double victory!

As early as September 2019 district departments began to focus on combing and selection of the project, preliminary comb out of the 486 key projects, the municipal department after review meeting examined minutely, city leaders repeatedly research, led by promoting coordination, project listing gradually mature, finally summary form 2020 "three 100" key project plan.

"Three 100" 2020 municipal key project plan to complete the investment about 252.3 billion yuan, take nearly 125.3 billion yuan RMB, the investment to support the investment in the city of more than thirty percent.Among them, the number of new projects accounted for no less than 40%, the people's livelihood security project investment of not less than 50%, mainly private investment in social investment project investment accounted for no less than 70%.

100 high-tech industrial projects include 14 cultural tourism projects.In tongzhou district culture tourist area, the first phase of the construction of Beijing universal theme park project (the construction scale of about 270000 square meters) and its supporting project city avenue, golden holiday hotel, global hotel;In addition, the construction of the first atlas resort hotel.In pinggu district, around 2020 world leisure expo, start the main outdoor environment construction, bun mountain culture leisure venue construction projects.In yanqing district, will build a Beijing badaling Hilton doubletree projects, yanqing brilliant cloud valley, chengdu international business center.Sports industry in Beijing economic and technological development zone, the nanhaizi park land area of 517000 square meters, the construction content includes outdoor sports leisure facilities, office, commercial, indoor sports leisure sports leisure facilities.The archaeological sites in fangshan district, the construction of coloured glaze river park project.In the shijingshan district, started 1919 jingxi, film and television, a first phase of the project, shougang industrial park industrial heritage renovation and the construction of infrastructure projects.