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The Maya Island Hotel (Mayadao Jiudian) is located about a short walk from Metro Line 9 and conveniently close to the Beijing World Park.

This Beijing hotel features a pyramid appearance and boasts the most Mayan culture of any Beijing hotel (admittedly, there's not a whole lot of competition).

Dining facilities include Chinese, Western and Japanese restaurants.

Those traveling the city on business will benefit from variously-sized conference rooms on the premises.

During their spare time, guests may excise at the fitness center, take a refreshing dip at the indoor swimming pool, or get pampered at the beauty salon.[View Detail]
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  • Cognac
    It's OK
  • ffp895322694
    Offices are in close proximity, traffic is very convenient.
  • cissyleedl
    Very good
  • SunnyCui
    Hotel design features, older facilities, room a bit small.
  • bplove
    It's not bad
  • duanjiafang
    Like the
  • fiona_0913
    Rooms are generally small, up to five stars. and breakfast bad! breakfasts and chain hotels more than 10 that ate almost! in the ABP there is convenient traveling nearby. the rest nothing
  • Bragelonne
    Featured, service also good. is near from the company.
  • fogdo
    Not bad ~ ~
  • JC girl
    Just check in to room attendants to lead, and like into the labyrinth, upper and lower back and forth for a long time to find the room!
  • e03660247
    Is a good hotel, service very good.
  • congcong311
    Decoration environment can be, is the front desk too seriously
  • apollo-001
    Very good second
  • feise
    Environment is very good, service is attentive, the next opportunity to come to this, staff was friendly, the decoration of the hotel is of me and my friends all love style, good good.
  • e00825383
    Inside the headquarters, nothing ordinary people will not stay there, price must be expensive
  • e00082586
    Good location, price and services more expensive than seemed a bit small, breakfast is not very good.
  • e00243679
    Not ye drops
  • lumianna1210
    Design patterns are good. is the room too small. half health.
  • FabulousJj
    Very unique, very good
  • emmaduoduo
    Yes, very distinctive, again
  • l1274345440
    Front desk and Manager have too TMD poor service when guest is the fool, was an insult to my intelligence. Wants to find reason also to find a credible of reason put, front just let I signed, behind said this Bill not I of, you sister of whole front desk on I a people in do check out procedures, and I live of room, and I of name are in above, actually said is and I name namesake of guest of Bill, day you uncle of, lie are not cheat, on that IQ also do lobby ManagerQuickly buy tofu got killed. Never again this garbage broke a hotel.
  • beijixue1357878
    Much worse than expected and won't stay
  • e00142178
    In General, convenience, the building is very characteristic
  • yu3662942
    Two boutique single room, room was a bit small other OK. WiFi than mobile phone fast, a little disappointed. wired network is always off line does not know which question
  • ljyjo
    Room was very small, shower is bad design than one. breakfast bowls and cups are the smallest ones, had a bowl of porridge, drinking two gone, beverage cups, not to mention, a stuffy no problem. 7,001 night is worth it!
  • E01048718
    Front desk was very poor room outlet less inconvenient to the gym will be charged extra
  • acx0306
    Nice! very safe, clean, good service, very good after Beijing decided to stay here! room was spacious, the bathroom is separate shower, breakfast too! rooms very good luxury. the configuration is complete, network speed. everything is new, very clean! very nice! will also refer a friend to live
  • rainbowx
    That's good
  • e00015288
    The room is not very big, the service needs to be improved
  • lm232
    Very good. quiet. waiter service was very good ... waiting for me after midnight. give praise!
  • cvmanforever
    The room's too small, too expensive. regrets that the
  • bbs12345
    Well, 295 high cost performance, but eating it is recommended to eat out, have nothing to eat, and the five-star prices
  • e00033032
    Environment can also, at base reasonably high-end
    Which is very nice
  • xjg888
    Environmental health is also good service attitude
  • angelalcllcl
    Good, good, good, good good, good
  • Ammyya
    Not like a business hotel, air conditioning does not work, so cold. hotel on the edge of moving iron, inconvenient, but at the door. and the water is not hot, in short, experience is not very good.
  • raylong83
    With five-star hotel standards should be improved.
  • fungma
    Help colleagues scheduled morning trips the hotel, near from the customer, convenient. overall good service, clean, belonging to the good hotel near the headquarters ... only drawback is room is a little small.
  • arnoldauyeung
    Hotel's architectural style is very characteristic like rooms are neat and clean, but transport is not convenient in location.
  • icegene
    Small, distinctive
  • cwwyj
    Nice! very safe, clean, good service, very good after Beijing decided to stay here! room was spacious, the bathroom is separate shower, breakfast too! rooms very good luxury. the configuration is complete, network speed is fast.
  • cpuvirus
    Room was very small, introduction to Mayan culture well, many items show. water is very characteristic of the swimming pool, but guests must pay to swim
  • sevenlibin
    The room is too small, outlet 2? and I can't use it.
  • lidu2010
    The room's too small. price is too low. not reflect Deluxe features.
  • Andy Meng
    Elegant environment
  • amadeus1756
    Which is very nice
  • gula007
    All right
  • loveallen
    Travel convenience at the hotel, check-in in the afternoon, is not high, there are three people at the front desk, only one work, two other interns had to watch, and not during peak afternoon only two guests were staying on the wheel. Building is like a maze, Lou Lou, staying far from the front desk on the 3rd floor, lugging the box around for a long time, and signs are not clear, carpet is the kind of hair, dragging boxes to find the elevator too hard. Carpet is not clean, not washed for a long time. Room was very small, so there is a large cylindrical standing room. Windows with shutters, felt strange. losing my furniture corner paint. bathroom both toilet and Taiwan has to wash dirty yellow spot, looking uncomfortable.
  • troy1112
    Hotel Nice, elaborate single rooms too small space in a compact, suitable for living on my own, first day special 298, think it's very good, but the next day was 568, the price you can live with the level of hotel standard room, no breakfast, others praise!